3DMark Scores Suggest PS5 Is Four Times More Powerful than PS4

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The PlayStation 5 is rumored to incorporate an AMD APU codenamed “Gonzalo.” According to a 3DMark Fire Strike Test spotted by APISAK, it will provide a four-fold increase from the current-generation console: PS4 only scored 5000, while Gonzalo managed a score of over 20000.

The implication is that the PS5 could be more powerful than many of today’s high-end GPUs. SegmentNext puts things into perspective:

  • RTX 2070 — 18,103
  • VEGA 64 — 19,200
  • GTX 1080 — 19,370
  • PS5 Gonzalo — 20,000+
  • RTX 2080 21,892

While APISAK has a credible reputation it is still best to take these PlayStation 5 benchmarks with a grain of salt. We are more than a year away from the release date of Sony’s next gen console. During this time many changes and adjustments will be made to the hardware. It is highly unlikely that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett specs are locked down at this stage.


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