Paradox Interactive Calls Steam’s 70/30 Revenue Split “Outrageous”

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Is Valve profiting too much from Steam? Cities: Skylines and Vampire: The Masquerade developer Paradox Interactive believes the answer to that is a definite “yes.” Executive Chairman Fredrik Wester didn’t mince words at a recent panel when he called the 70/30 revenue split “outrageous.”

“I think the platform holders are taking too much money. Everyone in the press here, just quote me on that.”

Wester claims the split is derived from Warner Bros.’ old model for boxed VHS tapes in the ’70s, but that no longer makes sense, being that games are digital and not physical.

“That was physical. It cost a lot of money,” he said. “This doesn’t cost anything. So Epic has done a great job for the whole industry, because you get 88%. Fantastic move. Thank you very much.”


Tsing Mui
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