Firefox 69.0 Released with Better Antitracking and a Host of Other Addons and Fixes

Major Browser releases are always fun. They always add and fix a ton of stuff for you to play around with and be more secure at the same time.

Mozilla has just released Firefox 69.0 with a lot of security features and bug squashing.

The new “Enhanced Tracking Protection” will help prevent websites from taking your computers “fingerprint” and also block a lot of 3rd party cookies and cryptoming.

Windows 10 users get speed improvements and UI improvements while Mac users get better battery life as it will switch to the “lower power gpu”.

As a big deal to a lot of users, adobe flash will no longer automatically come on on websites! FF will ask you if you want to use it from now on. This adds much more security overall.

If you are a Firefox user go grab it and tell us what you think.

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