Early CES 2020 Info & Rumor Roundup

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Image: CES Tech

CES 2020 starts in a matter of days on January 7th and soon we’ll begin hearing the waves of new release information. Here’s a few items that have already been announced, leaked, or at least rumored.

  • RTX 2080 TI Super. A Super variant with faster memory and perhaps other improvements? WCCFTech and TechPowerUp have both reported on this possibility.
  • Samsung’s Bezel-less TV. T.M. reported about this recently here.
  • SK Hynix’s 128-layer NAND M.2 SSD product line. Guru3d has reported on this.
  • MSI’s new HDR1000, Mini-LED LCD Laptop. The Creator 17 with with 100% DCI-P3 and 1000 nits could easily be one of the most impressive looking laptops of the new year.
  • LG’s 38″ Ultrawide 4k/144hz/G-Sync Compatible Monitor. The 38WN95 will also be HDR600 VESA certified. T.M. reported on this, and others from the line up, here.
  • Sony’s PS5 and Playstation VR2. Stories are abundant about the next Playstation but Digital Trends has also mentioned the possibility of a new generation of their VR headset. Both might be demoed at CES.
  • 8k T.V.’s. LG & Samsung have both begun releasing info for next halo product displays.


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