NVIDIA and ASUS Announce World’s Fastest Monitor: The ROG Swift 360 Hz G-SYNC Display

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NVIDIA has teamed up with ASUS to create the world’s fastest monitor, the ASUS ROG Swift 360 Hz G-SYNC Display.

This monitor offers an incredible 120 Hz improvement over current market leaders, which tap out at 240 Hz.

AU Optronics was the supplier for the 24.5 inch, 1080p panel. While the type wasn’t specified, the high refresh rate would suggest that it’s a TN panel.

Coupled with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, esports pros and other demanding gamers can experience tear-free frames and latencies of less than 3 ms.

Look for coverage from your favorite channels and websites over the coming week and stay tuned for more information on pricing and availability for the ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz G-SYNC display coming later this year.

Edit: We have a session scheduled with ASUS later this week where we hope to give this a spin.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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