Reviews Video Cards Tested: NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Limiting Maximum Frame Rate

Tested: NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Limiting Maximum Frame Rate


There is one thing you should know about this specific release, this is a DCH driver release. DCH stands for Declarative Componentized Hardware.  This is a new Microsoft standard that refers to a universal Windows driver package.  Per the new Microsoft requirements, the NVIDIA control panel is no longer included as part of the base driver package.  Instead, you have to now go to the Microsoft app store and download the control panel separately to have it installed so you have a control panel. 

In the past, NVIDIA has provided both driver sets anyway on their website, but as of this writing, there is only this DCH driver for 441.87, which does not include the control panel.  NVIDIA has a very detailed FAQ up that describes the differences between the DCH driver and standard display driver packages and what DCH is all about.  It also goes through how to install the control panel if you install it from the DCH driver.  Since this is the only driver up right now, we had to do exactly that.

In the above screenshots, you can see we had to go to the app store and download the NVIDIA control panel.

Once we did that the NVIDIA control panel can be opened normally and is the same control panel we’ve all become used to.

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