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Tested: NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Limiting Maximum Frame Rate

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

For the next game, we are using the recent game Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  This game runs in the DX12 API so we can ensure that the driver feature works in DX12 games.  This game performs well, so we are running it at 4K with the highest in-game settings (but no NVIDIA Ray Tracing.)  We are performing a manual run-through for this test. 

We are testing with max frame rate off and with max frame rate set to 58 FPS.

In this graph, the orange line represents performance with VSYNC OFF and max frame rate off.  You can see that our performance is between 63-100 FPS while gaming. 

The blue line represents us turning on NVIDIA max frame rate to 58 FPS.  In this game, it turns out that 58 FPS will go up to a max of 59 FPS.  It seems to toggle back-and-forth between 58-59 FPS but never hitting 60 FPS like it did in the last game.  This shows that the max frame rate is going to behave a little different depending on the game. 

Overall though, it appears to be working just fine in DX12.  

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