Steam Offers New Way to Purchase Soundtracks for Games

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Image: Steam

Valve announced yesterday, via Steam Community, that they are now offering a new means to purchase game soundtracks. Game soundtracks have become quite extravagant over the last decade. They often can employ either famous DJ’s, orchestra’s, and any number of popular songs.

From Steam Community,

“Up until now, there was no “soundtrack” app type on Steam. The closest was “DLC”, and so it became common to sell soundtracks as a type of DLC. This made sense at the time but over time has tied existing soundtracks to a large amount of DLC-specific functionality.”

The new app/option will allow customers to buy soundtracks without owning the base game. Purchased soundtracks can be found in their own library separate from games and be configured in a Steam Music library. Developers will also be able to directly upload and sell content thru this service even if the game is not on Steam.


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