Lian Li Showcases New RGB-Enabled Kit at CES

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We caught up with Lian Li in their suite at CES last week and took a look at their new wares. They had a handful of cases, RGB fans, RGB power cables and a couple of AIO coolers.

Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB Power Cables

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First up, we took a look at the Strimer Plus RGB power cables that were first showcased at Computex last year. Lian Li said they were a smash hit so they have updated they’ve made a few updates under the hood to add the Plus on to its name. They will be offered as 24-pin ATX cables for an MSRP of $59.99 and as 8-pin PCI-e cables for $39.99. After drudging the halls of CES and seeing all of the RGB on display, I can say that Lian Li’s suite is the only place that I saw the cables get the RGB treatment. Expect availability for purchase in February of 2020.

Lian Li Uni Fans

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Lian Li is also adding a new line of addressable RGB fans to their lineup. These fans are unique as they only need a single power wire and a single RGB cable to operate up to four fans. The fans snap together and pass power and RGB commands through themselves. These are expected to go on the market in May of 2020 for less than $80 for a pack of three fans.

Lian Li Odyssey X

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These new Odyssey X cases offer an ultimate level of flexibility. It took me a few minutes to get my head wrapped around the fact that the three cases that you see here are in fact the same case (other than the color). You can assemble the case in a more traditional manner a la the white cases or if you want the case to take a less rectangular shape, you can rotate it 90 degrees and tent the glass doors out to better show off your case. These are expected to land in May 2020 at around $399.99.

Lian Li O11D Mini

The Lian Li 011D Mini is inspired by the Lian Li O11 Dynamic that got hit by a shrink ray. Like its bigger relative, the 011D Mini sports room for multiple radiators, though this now depends on the size motherboard you use. Expect it to land in May 2020 for under $100.


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The Lian Li LANCOOL II Mesh is a variation on the LANCOOL II that allows for significantly better airflow. It is expected to land in April at $89.99.


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Last but not least, Lian Li is introducing their GALAHAD AIO CPU coolers in both the 240mm and 360mm flavors. They will be available in both black and white trim and the waterblock is stocked with addressable RGB lighting. For further customization, the hub in the middle of the waterblock can be removed (see first picture) if you prefer that look over the other one. They are expected to land in Q2 2020 and retail for $110 for the 240mm and $130 for the 360mm.


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