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The Elder Scrolls V has achieved something of an usual run for most games. Skyrim could easily be the most modded game in video game history. A quick search of Skyrim Nexus reveals over 56,000 mods. This does not include mods in other popular sites like Mod DB. Unlike most games whose modifications might improve textures, add models, or make some other cosmetic change, Skyrim’s fans have gone on to create entirely new campaigns. This isn’t necessarily unusual either but some have even gained enough popularity to be featured on Steam such as Enderal. Skyrim Online followed the Elder Scrolls three years after its release in 2014. A matter of months ago it too got an expansion announcement with Elsweyr. Well for those fans are still holding onto that 2011 game that just keeps kicking along there’s also a 2020 expansion release announced. Apotheosis is on its way.

Whereas Enderal served as a 13 GB total overhaul or conversion of Skyrim into a new game Apotheosis will be a full-on expansion. This new massive undertaking has been in the works for over two years now. In expanding The Elder Scrolls they’ve added 16 realms including 22 dungeons. The expansion revolves around a hub called Dreamsleeve.

Image: Apotheosis
Image: Apotheosis

Do people still play Skyrim?

One might find themselves asking how many people still play Skyrim? Well almost two years ago to the day Gamespot asked that question of game director Todd Howard. He stated that at the time the numbers measured in the millions worldwide. This was at the time that the Skyrim Special Edition was released bringing the franchise into the 64-bit era of PC’s. Odds are the number grew substantially again as it was also when The Elder Scrolls found their way onto the current consoles of the time.

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  1. I played thru it when it first released and again about a year later with mods. Back then I used the hi-res pack they released along with a handful of others. At this point though I’ve probably spent more time reading about mods than playing the actual game. Only thing that ever really got my nerves was that nearly all the characters sounded like the same 3-4 voice actors. I know there were many more including some famous theatrical actors but nonetheless it was hard to tell. I downloaded Enderal but never played. I did hear some good reviews for those voice overs though.

  2. I will look at this. Might be decent. I haven’t played Skyrim for a bit. There are some good mods out there…… The Thomas the train one, not one of those good mods.

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