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Is Horizon: Zero Dawn really coming to the PC? That’s beginning to look like a definite possibility, as the PS4 exclusive was temporarily listed on Amazon France earlier this morning.

While the listing has since been removed, it does back up a report from January that suggested Horizon: Zero Dawn would no longer be relegated to the console space. Multiple sources had told Kotaku that a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn was in the works.

Amazon France’s listing didn’t have much to share aside from the implication that the title would be published by Sony. There’s no box art, release date, or any other details, which have led some to think that this could just be wishful thinking by inventory.

Image: Guerrilla Games

That said, today’s listing of Horizon: Zero Dawn is incredibly timely. The post-apocalyptic action game celebrates its third anniversary in just two days, on February 28.

Does Sony have a big surprise in store for PC gamers on Friday?

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  1. I am so interested in this game coming to PC. I watched let’s plays of it on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, it looked great, they could take it even further visually on a PC, so I wonder if they will, even if it’s just a direct port being able to run it at a high resolution will make it look great.

    I love the game itself, the story, the gameplay. I do not own any consoles, so the only way I’ll get to play it is on PC, so I hope this rumor is true.

    If it comes to PC I’ll definitely do a let’s play of it on my gaming channel.

  2. Played through HZD on a borrowed PS4 back in 2017, was wishing for a PC version the whole fucking time. I own a PS4 Pro now, got the GotY edition of the game with the single-player DLC Frozen Wilds included for $10 last November. At some point I’ll go through that expansion, I’ve heard it’s good. Probably won’t bother to replay the whole game again on PC, but it would be fucking awesome to see Sony-owned IPs showing up on PC. Maybe the sequel can show up on PC from the get-go (or at least not too far behind the console version). I know Guerilla Games has said their engine works fine on PC, and they’ve wanted to do a PC release for some time. Sony’s the boss though. Sony is allowing that engine to be used on PC with Death Stranding, so maybe seeing HZD on PC isn’t so far-fetched.

  3. I just finished it on ps4 (main part) its a great game. Being a pc gamer originally (not really any more for now) console controllers are… What they are….. Maybe its me but I plateu with the controls in a console, and thats it.. things get hot and heavy and I get my ass kicked. In the case of this game, I started in easy and was doing quite well, until the first death bringer, cleared the first part of the camp, got my butt kicked in the second part, but tried harder did it, only to die with the death bringer.. so did it a third time, saved after the second part only to find they re-spawn, I guess its just really two parts to the camp not 3.. anyway, shit was getting too long, I don’t have endless hours to play any game, so I put it in story mode… Which sucks in a way it takes away a lot off the reward of beating it.. wish they could have made an in between mode or an adaptable difficulty. Anyway, i do wonder if i could have done better with a nice pc and a good mouse and so on.
    Upon checking some stuff maybe i ought to checkout the tac pro m2.

  4. [QUOTE=”Uvilla, post: 10666, member: 397″]
    Maybe its me but I plateu with the controls in a console, and thats it.. things get hot and heavy and I get my ass kicked
    I’m completely fine with controllers, EXCEPT if there’s any first-person or 3rd-person aiming involved. Then I’m completely fucked. So HZD was all the more challenging because of it. If I have to aim freely, I need a fucking mouse, period. HZD requires you to precisely hit specific areas and components of the robot animals, and for a long time I wondered if I was gonna be able to finish such a game. I think all the years I was forced to play Halo and Gears of War games on console kinda helped me a little bit.
    [QUOTE=”Uvilla, post: 10666, member: 397″]
    wish they could have made an in between mode
    I’m stubborn, I absolutely refuse to lower a game beyond Medium/Normal. I’ll go up higher if necessary, but I will never drop below. If I can’t beat the game on Normal, then I just don’t beat the game. I did make one exception however: [I]Witcher 2[/I]. I had to drop it down to Easy. Except Easy was waaaay too easy. Normal was too hard. Your comment about an “in between” difficulty reminded me exactly of what I wanted for [I]Witcher 2[/I]. I needed something above Easy but below Normal for that game. Oh well.
    [QUOTE=”Uvilla, post: 10666, member: 397″]
    i do wonder if i could have done better with a nice pc and a good mouse and so on.
    [I]Halo Reach[/I] on X360, I could barely handle the game on Normal. [I]Halo Reach[/I] on PC, I beat that shit on Legendary difficulty, and had a blast doing it. It’s amazing what is possible when you have a mouse and keyboard for the games that truly need ’em. I say you don’t have to wonder about HZD. If that shit was on PC, you would have undoubtedly played way the fuck better.

    I honestly still have no idea why most game developers don’t support mouse and keyboard on consoles (even when the consoles themselves do). Only a very few games have ever done it. I’ve looked into various mouse-and-keyboard-like controllers for consoles (or adapters to force use of mouse and keyboard for console games), but I dunno, I don’t think such things should even have to be necessary. PCs support all kinds of controllers, but consoles barely support mouse and keyboard. Shit doesn’t seem right to me.

  5. Steam page is up: [URL][/URL]

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