More Witchers for Netflix’s Series in Season 2

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Geralt of Rivia
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Netflix continues to roll out casting news for season two of The Witcher. Announcing a number of fellow residents from the Witcher keep of Kaer Morhen the streaming service continues to develop its hit show. Mentor, and oldest of the known Witchers, Vesemir will be introduced in season two. Netflix has announced, via twitter, that danish actor Kim Bodnia will be taking on the role. Currently he has a recurring role as Konstantin on Killing Eve.

He is not alone in casting news either. Turns out two other characters that fans of the games are familiar with will be making appearances as well. Lambert, who often tests Geralt’s sense of morality, will be joining the ranks alongside Eskel. Coen, a Witcher previously unseen in the games but originating from the books, will debut as well. PCGamesN has noted with the casting of Nivellen and Vereena that we’ll likely see their tragic romance story at some point. The story is a darker take of Beauty and the Beast. In the books it involves a cursed man and the vampire who falls in love with him.

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With so many of the monster hunters running around next season the show will most certainly delve into their history. It will be interesting to see if they expand on the massacre of Kaer Morhen as well. The Wticher’s ranks will not be the only ones to grow. Two more sorceresses have been included in the cast announcement. Only last month other production news had been announced for season two. From costume changes for the Nilfgaardian armor, to other new characters, more details continue to come to light. Shooting for season two will occur in locations from across the United Kingdom to various parts of Eastern Europe. Season two could arrive towards the end of the year.

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