Has a New Stars Game Called Project Maverick Been Spotted on PSN?

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Star Wars Project Maverick
Image Credit: Sony PSN

An interesting image appeared on the European PlayStation Network page the other day. So far this mystery game has nothing formally announced. It quickly sparked rumors around the internet as to whether or not it is a full on standalone game, potential DLC for either Battlefront or Jedi Fallen Order, or perhaps some kind of exclusive console release. We did see a story not too long ago about Respawn Entertainment post a job listing which led to speculation of a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order.


After the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order anything could have been possible. After all, EA did state that it exceeded their sales expectations. It was also the first game in recent years to break away from the Star Wars Battlefront series. Turns out it is not tied to either and actually is some kind of smaller project being worked on. DSOG spotted a tweet from Kotaku writer Jason Schreier answering this very question. They also report it will not feature VR but will be multiplayer.

The ‘smaller unusual project’ mentioned in the tweet references this story. Jason tracked a rather interesting timeline of events with the various Star Wars projects that have been in development since 2013. It should be noted that 2013 saw the cancellation of an intriguing project called Star Wars 1313.

Cancellations & Recycled Projects

It appears that in the last seven years SW 1313 was far from alone in being abandoned. At least three other projects have disappeared in galaxies far, far away. Their lineage is a tale of hopes, dreams, and recycled assets leading to oblivion. Visceral Games had been developing a heist styled game called Ragtag for the SW franchise. After the studio’s demise those assets might get recycled into a game called Orca. Orca would, of course, get cancelled. In turn it was almost recycled into an expansion for SW Battlefront called Viking. After some less than stellar press, and reactions, to Battlefront II it was no surprise that Viking was pushed to the side as well.

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