PlayStation Network Announces That a Demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR Is Coming Soon

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Iron Man VR
Image Credit: Marvel

Tony Stark is getting the virtual reality treatment soon. No we are not talking about that moment referenced in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Pretty soon users will be able to don the iconic Iron Man suit in VR with this PlayStation exclusive. Just yesterday it was announced, via the PSN twitter page, that the demo has been added to the Asian PSN.

Initially announced in October of 2019 it was slated for an early release in 2020. The game’s developer, Camouflaj, announced in January that it would be delayed in order to meet their vision and high expectations for the community. The date was pushed back from February to May 15th.

Probably a good decision since Iron Man has not always had the best of luck in games. Not sure how many people remember the one from 2008 but I doubt I was the only one feeling let down by it. This is not the only game based on the Marvel franchise getting released in 2020 either. Marvel’s Avengers had its release date pushed back recently as well. A trailer for the game does show some promise though.

Game Description

Those familiar with the last Ant Man movie, Ant Man & Wasp, will recognize the villain. Ghost, who by the way did originate from Iron Man’s comic books in 1980’s, is the armored Avenger’s nemesis this time around. We’ll have to wait until the game releases as to which origin they will use for her. In either case she is known for hacking, espionage, and anti-corporate activism, who is likely to give Tony Stark a run for his money. Along the way players will be able to upgrade their armor, and it’s abilities, in Tony Stark’s famous garage. Here is a couple of screen shots from the game’s page.

Image Credit: Marvel
Image Credit: Marvel
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