Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Re-released for Sony PS4 and Nintendo Switch Allows Cross-Play with PC

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SW Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
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Star Wars games reached some pretty lofty heights at the turning of the millennium. In 2003 the franchise achieved multiple wins with fans. From Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy players flocked. It was a different time back then. Many modern consoles were barely into their 1st or 2nd generation. Meanwhile PC enthusiasts were in a golden age of technology. There were more GPU vendors than you could shake a stick at giving PC users unprecedented choices for their builds. As the years went one things changed and many games came and went. Along the way though some were kept alive in the PC community long after being abandoned. In recent years, though, a number of properties have been revived. One such is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Another topic that comes up with titles released to multiple platforms is cross-play. Much to the dismay of players this option may not be supported from specific manufacturers. Turns out that the newly re-released SW JK: JA kept that feature in play. According to an article over at PC Gamer both PS4, Switch, and PC players are able to connect with each other. Evidently the game uses a direct-connect approach to the IP’s of the consoles. Even though those addresses are unlisted this method allows PC’s to join the servers. Normally this might be a reason to rejoice. However console players new to the game are encountering PC counterparts who have had 17 years of experience. At first some believed the PC community were taking advantage of features not available to the consoles.

Cheat codes to the rescue?

This in turn has created a toxic and volatile environment on all sides of the fence. It has even led to someone over at Aspyr to posting the game’s version of the Konami code to perhaps level the playing field. Many question that approach and instead have suggested that they simply patch the game to address this issue.

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