Star Wars Obi-Wan Gets Taken Off of Indefinite Hold for Disney+ with Hiring of New Writer & Producer

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Star Wars Obi-Wan
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Star Wars Obi-Wan might be on track again. The prospective show has had a variety of seemingly false starts and speed bumps. Initially it was announced at the D23 expo in 2019. The audience to the sold out event was enthusiastic to say the least. This enthusiasm would change as a few months after D23 Episode IX would get released. The new trilogy continued to get mixed reviews. Despite the polarized feelings of fans, and reviewers, many would have a change of heart around the holidays. Disney+ launched and premiered its first Star Wars based show. The Mandalorian would go on to receive many positive reviews. Star Wars Obi-Wan seemed poised to become the next big hit of the streaming service.

Fast forward to January 2020 and rumors, and pranks, led some to believe that actor Ewan McGregor had left the project. Those would be discounted as such but barely days later more conflicting information came forth. On one side Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, was reported as not being happy with the scripts. On the other Ewan McGregor disputed that saying they were “really, really good.” Some even stated it was because the show began to have too many similarities to The Mandalorian. In either case the show was put on indefinite hold.

Fresh Blood

Spring is the season of hope. The show received new hope in April. Variety reported on a new hiring for the series. Joby Harold has taken the reins of both writing and producing this project. Some of his most recent theatrical projects have been John Wick 3, King Arthur, and Edge of Tomorrow. He’s no stranger to streaming or television either. His talents are seen with WGN’s Underground and Netflix’s Spinning Out. With any luck he will be able to guide this project back to release.

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