Spring Reveals
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Barely a day has gone by in recent weeks without someone either revealing their latest products or upcoming events. With so many events cancelled due to COVID-19, it is no big surprise that manufacturers are resorting to online solutions for their reveals. Google has posted on Twitter it will be announcing new games for its Stadia streaming service tomorrow.

Google is far from alone with news regarding either games or hardware for gaming. Gaming fans, and PC enthusiasts, have been swamped with announcements recently. In light of this, it is as good a time as any to do a roundup for everyone.

Recent Announcements

  • AMD – Just last week, it announced its new Ryzen 3 processors. The 3300 has already been shown to compete favorably against an Intel Core i7-7700k. At $120 it could be an impressive budget gaming option.
  • Google – The aforementioned “Let’s Connect” event could announce new games to the streaming service.
  • Intel – A few days ago, Intel announced its forthcoming Tiger Lake CPUs, which will incorporate the new Intel Xe graphics solution. From mobile gaming to work solutions, many are eyeing the long-awaited Intel Xe platform.
  • Microsoft – Phil Spencer has posted that the company will be announcing new games for the Xbox Series X soon. Some are expecting an event in May for this along with other potential hardware news.
  • NVIDIA – Not so much of a gaming-related item but still riding the wave of upcoming events is NVIDIA’s GTC 2020 Keynote. Here we are expecting information regarding the new Ampere architecture. On the heels of this many are hoping to hear of a successor to its present line of Turing cards. NVIDIA also recently had news regarding its streaming service, GeForce NOW.
  • Sony – Fans of the long-running PlayStation consoles are anxiously awaiting more tidbits for the PS5. Rumors have been ramping up for a potential event in May with more reveals.

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