NVIDIA Releases Quadro Experience, a New Content and Productivity Tool to Help You Work Faster and Smarter

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NVIDIA Quadro Experience

Owners of NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions now have another tool to assist in content creation and collaboration. After nearly a year of beta testing, NVIDIA has rolled out its latest software to accompany its premium workstation cards. NVIDIA Quadro Experience is now available to download. NVIDIA Quadro Experience follows roughly eight years after its consumer offering, GeForce Experience.

Whether you’re a content creator, designer, architect, or business
professional, the Quadro Experience toolset will augment your workflow
and boost your productivity. You’ll be notified when the newest drivers are
available so that you can implement the latest features, leverage screen
capture and recording tools to share and collaborate with others, and quickly
access the applications that you use most frequently to complete your
projects. When work is done, or when you need a little break, you can even
switch your Quadro GPU to gaming mode and run top gaming titles.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Fourth-generation Intel Core, AMD Phenom II, or later
  • GPU: Kepler-based Quadro or later
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk Space: 20 MB free space minimum
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Interesting to note how they mentioned a gaming mode in their FAQ and main page. As the latest Quadro RTX line features the most of NVIDIA’s new ray-tracing technology, there are probably more than a few people curious about how the gaming mode performs on these high-end cards. It ought to be interesting to see how one fares with the upcoming Crysis remaster, or perhaps other demanding gaming titles such as Metro Exodus or Control.

On the business side of things, it will allow native 4K screen capture and recording from the desktop. It will also incorporate numerous content-sharing options for instant uploading with collaborations and meetings. One such new option is called “Instant Replay.” This particular option allows up to 20-minute recordings of the most recent activity from the desktop. NVIDIA’s other features such as GeForce Experience, Ansel, Freestyle, and new driver alerts are also incorporated.

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