AMD Reiterates 50-Percent Performance/Watt Improvement with RDNA 2

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Images: AMD

AMD has released a new corporate presentation that echoes a few things that were initially shared during its Financial Analysts Day 2020 event from March. One slide (p. 15) appears to confirm that red team’s next-generation GPU architecture, RDNA 2, will see performance/watt improvements of 50 percent or higher.

Of course, this implies that the upcoming lineup of Radeon RX cards (e.g., Big Navi) will flaunt substantially higher clock rates. As OC3D points out, potential performance increases have already been alluded to by RDNA 2-based hardware such as the PlayStation 5’s GPU, which reportedly features clock speeds as high as 2.23 GHz. That’s higher than the current Radeon flagship, the RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary (up to 1.98 GHz boost).

The next slide (p. 16) also confirms that RDNA 2’s successor, RDNA 3, is on target for release by 2022. AMD hasn’t shared what node this advanced architecture will be built on, but we should expect another big leap in perf/watt improvements.

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