Sony to Begin Production of the PlayStation 5 This Week

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Image: Sony

It appears that Sony’s next-gen console is on target for a holiday release. According to today’s report from BusinessKorea, production of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled to begin this week, with manufacturing efforts peaking in 3Q 2020.

“We note that AMD has been selected as the manufacturer for the PS5’s SoCs,” wrote BusinessKorea. “The CPU is based on the 8-core Ryzen Zen 2 architecture, and the GPU is built on the Radeon RDNA 2 architecture and supports real-time ray-tracing acceleration. The console is to feature 16 GB of GDDR6 system memory and 825 GB of SSD storage.”

The report suggests that the PlayStation 5 will be a healthy presence in the NAND market, potentially pushing up memory demand by 5 percent thanks to its heavily hyped SSD. AMD is also expected to make a nice chunk of change from the PS5’s semi-custom SoC, which it supplied.

Tsing Mui
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