Questionable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Spec Sheet Leaks Out

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Image: JDSP

CyberPunkCat has shared a screenshot of the alleged specifications for NVIDIA’s upcoming Ampere-based powerhouse, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. Obviously, you’ll want to grab your nearest salt shaker because these types of photos can be easily faked, but we could be looking at a flagship graphics card flaunting 5376 CUDA Cores and clocks of up to 2,200 MHz. The specifications also claim 12 GB of 18 Gbps Samsung GDDR6 memory, featuring a total bandwidth of 863 GB/s. TDP is supposedly 320 watts.

Again, feel free to be completely skeptical, as this information does go against some of the rumors we’ve seen thus far from more established sources. If you’ll remember, Igor Wallossek confidently posted the memory configurations for the three known RTX 3000 SKUs weeks ago, which alluded to 24 GB, 11 GB, and 10 GB models. Today’s photo doesn’t align with that information. A variant of GDDR6 memory, GDDR6X, has also been heavily rumored.

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