Sources: Olivia Wilde Directing Spider-Woman for Sony

Image: Marvel

Deadline has learned that Sony has hired Olivia Wilde (TRON: Legacy, The Lazarus Effect) to develop and direct a Marvel film project. Neither party has commented on what it could be, but sources claim it’s a Spider-Woman movie. That wouldn’t be too surprising, since Sony has made bank on the numerous Spider-Man flicks it’s developed thus far.

“The Spider-Woman character has actually been the alter ego of several characters in the Spider-Man timeline over the years including Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and Jessica Drew, who was the first to sport the costume in the late 1970s,” Deadline noted. “Since the concept is being completely revamped by Wilde, it’s unknown the direction the studio will go with her.”

Wilde’s Spider-Woman film will presumably fit into the cinematic universe that Sony is building around its primary wall crawler. We’re expecting a number of movies based on Spider-Man’s most notable villains, which could culminate into a big, Avengers-like mashup involving the Sinister Six. Features based on characters such as Black Cat and Silver Sable are also reportedly in development.

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