EA Releasing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in 2021

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VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubbs has revealed that the Mass Effect Trilogy remasters will likely be released as part of a package called the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. That’s not the most original name, but it does reaffirm that the game is on the way following months of tepid rumors.

We previously learned that the Mass Effect remasters were supposed to come out next month, but according to Grubbs, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will not be available until “early 2021.” That’s because BioWare is having trouble updating the original game’s visuals and gameplay for modern systems.

“The primary factor holding up development, beyond the pandemic, is the original Mass Effect game,” Grubb wrote. “It currently does not live up to the quality of the rest of the package. It would make a poor first impression for new players, and it might disappoint fans who then won’t go on to play and experience the impressive upgrades for Mass Effect 2 and ME 3.”

The PC controls in the original port were often described as “clunky,” so we’re guessing that’s one of the areas that BioWare is struggling with. Textures may also need a special overhaul based on the already-impressive mods that are out there.

What will definitely be missing is multiplayer, however. “EA doesn’t plan to include the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer in this package,” Grubb revealed. “Something like that would turn this remaster into a live-service game, and that is likely not worth the investment. The publisher could instead put those resources into Apex Legends or another, new cooperative shooter — although that is just my speculation.”

That said, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will come with all of the original DLC packages, such as “Pinnacle Station” (Mass Effect), “Lair of the Shadow Broker” (Mass Effect 2), and “Leviathan” (Mass Effect 3).

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