Report: AMD Not Launching New Chipsets until Zen 3+ Processors (Ryzen 6000?)

Images: AMD

According to a report by HD Tecnología regarding Intel’s Rocket Lake-S motherboards, AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Series will not be accompanied by new chipsets when they launch later this year. This isn’t really surprising, being that red team has already confirmed Zen 3 support for many pre-existing platforms such as X570, B550, and A520. Even older chipsets (i.e., X470 and B450) will be able to run Ryzen 5000 processors with a “Selective Beta BIOS” update.

“We also had access to slides on AMD’s plans, although there are no significant news,” HD Tecnología reported. “The reds will not release new chipsets for Zen 3 as the A520, B550 and X570 were designed with Zen 3 in mind and are perfectly compatible with these new processors.”

Rumors of the inevitable X670 chipset have already been swirling, but HD Tecnología claims that AMD is keeping that locked away until Zen 3+ is ready. This is a refined variant of the architecture that will presumably debut with the Ryzen 6000 Series.

“For this reason, AMD will not launch new chipsets until the second half of 2021, when Zen 3+ is released, so rest assured that their 500 Series motherboard will remain the latest technology for a while.”

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