Watch Dogs: Legion’s Source Code Could Get Leaked Online

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Image: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion is releasing soon but some unsettling events have occurred. ZDNet has reported how Ubisoft has become one of the latest victims to have its files stolen by a ransomware gang. This theft may actually include the source code for the upcoming game.

A group called Egregor has posted data online indicating it has obtained files from Ubisoft’s internal networks. Earlier this week, it posted on its site that it was in possession of the files. However, it is reported there is only 20 MB of data. Ubisoft has also had advanced notice that multiple employees have fallen prey to phishing scams.

That was not the first notice given to Ubisoft, either. Barely four months earlier, the same team tried to provide even greater details, but they went unnoticed.

ZDNet was unable to get a response from Ubisoft, but it was able to contact Egregor. It stated that data had been stolen but not encrypted. This means that Ubisoft has not lost any of the files, but the threat these files could be released to the public is still a real possibility. These types of events seem to be a new trend at Ubisoft, as other leaks have also happened in the last year.

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