Sony Continues to Expand Its Strategy with Console Exclusives

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Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of the things that has attracted people to becoming long-term fans of the PlayStation is its exclusives. These games often show off the hardware to such degrees that even PC gamers find themselves eyeing them. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been expanding its strategy for current and future exclusives as the PlayStation 5 launch nears. VGC spotted an interview that Reuters recently had with SIE CEO Jim Ryan, who continues to lay out more details regarding this ongoing strategy.

One of the driving forces for this business model is console sales. He states something startling in regard to the upcoming PS5 launch (November 12). It sold more units in 12 hours than the PS4 did in its first 12 weeks! There are concerns that few will be able to get them on launch day, but that response is fueling the need for more in-house studios to produce exclusive games. He also states that Sony could be open to acquiring more development studios. It had attempted to get Warframe Studios but lost out when Tencent entered exclusive talks with its parent company Leyou Technologies. Even without gaining another studio, SIE presently has fourteen in-house studios working on various projects.

Proven Exclusive Sales Records

Last year, PS4-exclusive Spider-Man sold 3.3 million copies in three days, and shortly after, it was announced that SIE had purchased its developer, Insomniac Games. Recently, another title, Ghost of Tsushima, has managed similar success with 2.4 million copies in three days, and it too is from another in-house studio called Sucker Punch Productions. Sony has taken note of this and is going a step further with first-party exclusive titles being released at the PS5’s launch. Demon’s SoulsDestruction AllStars, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are among those planned for release alongside the console. Another driving force has been providing preexisting PS4 owners free upgrade paths for some exclusives, such as the aforementioned Ghost of Tsushima.

Positives from the Pandemic

It’s difficult to believe there could be positives to the effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it has helped gaming industry sales with so many in lockdown at home. Reuters also reported that Sony’s shares have climbed 48 percent since March and nearly 2 percent in one day. This also provided Sony with an incentive to expand while the market is ripe, with many looking for an escape, even as some analysts have doubted how long this growth could continue. Ryan stated that it is up to Sony to drive that engagement.

“We’re definitely looking upwards and thinking that we can do better than we thought we could,” Ryan said.

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