Capcom Leak Reveals More Games in Development

Image: Capcom

We previously reported that Capcom had become the latest victim of data theft. Massive would be an understatement, as around 1 TB was reportedly taken. Considering that many games take up 50 to 60 GB, that 1 TB could represent quite a few projects. Well, as extensive as the previous list was, it should come as no surprise that more titles have surfaced. None of these are confirmed outside of the leaks, but they do seem plausible in light of their popularity. DSOG has reported on the following titles being added to the list, and odds are, there’s still more to come.

  1. Dragon’s Dogma 2: A sequel to Dragon’s Dogma would follow suit with Capcom’s revival of this franchise. After all, it was only a few months ago that Netflix had debuted an anime based on the game.
  2. Onimusha New York: Fans of the Onimusha series will be excited to see a new game is in development, as it has been quite successful since debuting in 2001.
  3. Resident Evil 4 Remake: A Resident Evil 4 remake was already known to be in the works, but this indicates the project hasn’t yet been canceled. The Resident Evil 3 remake has been criticized for its shorter campaign and changed content from the original, leading to doubts that more remakes would continue.
  4. Street Fighter 6: Seeing Street Fighter 6 on this list is a bit of a surprise because it was only a few months ago that famed producer Yoshinori Ono had left the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see what new directions the game will take.

Some notable absences have been Dino Crisis and Marvel vs. Capcom. Both games have been successful in their own right. Fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet because anything is possible, and as the pandemic continues to disrupt things, Capcom could easily change up their strategy.

Peter Brosdahl
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