Resident Evil 8 Plot and Ending Leaked Online

Image: Capcom

Things have gone from bad to worse for Capcom in regard to data that has been stolen from their servers. With nearly 1 TB of data taken, we continue to see the fallout, and the latest is in regard to the next installment of Resident Evil. Over the weekend, many more details surfaced for Resident Evil 8: Village, and this time, they’re pretty in-depth.

Game Rant has reported not only on the game’s entire plotline, including its ending, being revealed, but also new in-game screenshots showcasing new monsters. It appears that all of this is coming from an early developer’s build of the game. Enough of that build was obtained that the leaks even include cutscenes from it. As of now, most news sites are not sharing the complete story details to avoid spoiling the game for fans.

Resident Evil 8: Village is slated for release in 2021. At this point, Capcom has not commented on taking any kind of action in light of these leaks. Some publishers have gone back to make changes to a game when such an event occurs, but it’s possible its release schedule won’t allow for this. It’s also possible it may not consider it a major threat to sales for the game’s release. In any case, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Capcom has some damage control to deal with considering the ongoing flood of information surfacing from its stolen data.

Peter Brosdahl
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