Daft Punk Releases Extended Version of TRON: Legacy Soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music

Image: Disney

TRON: Legacy wasn’t exactly a critical or financial success, but something that most of us can probably agree on is that Daft Punk did a phenomenal job on the soundtrack. The French electronic music duo began scoring the film all the way back 2008, which culminated in various albums (e.g., TRON: Legacy Reconfigured), but over a decade later, fans can finally enjoy what appears to be a definitive release in the form of a “complete edition” that was recently released on Spotify and Apple Music.

According to Polygon’s coverage, the new TRON: Legacy soundtrack was designed specifically to celebrate the film’s 10th anniversary, which occurred last Thursday on December 17th. “The Complete Edition includes nine additional tracks that weren’t part of the original soundtrack’s release, but they aren’t actually new or unreleased music,” the author noted. “Most of the tracks have been available in other forms, like vinyl release exclusives or iTunes exclusives. This is the first time they’ve been collected in the same place.”

It isn’t clear whether the complete edition of the TRON: Legacy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released in a physical format, but fans can check out the new tracks now for free on Spotify (remember, the music streaming service has a free, ad-supported tier). We’ve also shared a few of the more popular tracks below.

Disney is reportedly working on a TRON sequel starring Requiem for a Dream and Blade Runner 2049 star Jared Leto. The film was originally supposed to be a reboot, but sources claim that it’ll follow on the heels of Legacy’s storyline and potentially bring back some of the franchise’s iconic characters, such as Jeff Bridge’s Kevin Flynn. Rumor is that Disney’s music executives have already asked Daft Punk to return for another soundtrack.

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