GIGABYTE B550 AORUS ELITE Motherboard Review

Test Setup

System Setup

As we mentioned earlier, we have the latest BIOS version F10 installed in the motherboard during the testing phase. We are running the CPU at its default stock performance and BIOS settings are at default. We are running the memory with the XMP/DOCP enabled with the memory running at 3200 and the timings are 19-19-19-39 T1.

The Operating system is the latest spring 2020 (2004) Windows 10 with all updates installed after the operating system boots up. We use the Ryzen “High Performance” power profile for the CPU.

Here on FPS Review, we have tested other B550 chipset boards, but unfortunately we have not tested any others with this hardware configuration. Therefore we will not be able to compare the results from this board to others as it would be unfair to our faithful readers. As we add more boards, we will be comparing more and more boards.

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