FSP CMT520 Plus Case Review


The FSP CMT520 Plus E-ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case (CMT520 Plus) is a good case for keeping components cool. While I did find at least one issue with the case it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker for me. One thing I do dislike about the case is the fact that it does not have cable shroud covers to help hide the cables. It also lacks a USB Type-C port on the front I/O. The included RGB fans are cool to look at and have a lot of different colors to choose from with 17 different selectable modes.

FSP CMT520 Plus Case on white background

Our Thoughts

The FSP CMT520 Plus case is a well thought out design on a case. We found there to be lots of room for components including water cooling components and it can handle long graphics cards. The addressable RGB fans work great and having selectable modes from the case is a great addition. The new colors and lighting from the LEDs look great. We also like the glass panel on the front and side and the connections on the I/O panel. According to our tests, the case cools very well, and it has removable SSD mounts.

There are a few things we have some quirks with. The MSRP seems a little steep compared to other similar cases on the market. Though, currently, prices online have dropped a bit making that better. The removable tray doesn’t sit flush with the PSU compartment in our experience. The fans RPMs cannot be controlled when plugged directly into the PSU, we would have liked a case option to select fan speed. In the end, noise levels will be improved if you attach the fans to the motherboard fan headers and let the motherboard control them. We also wish there was a USB Type-C connector on the front I/O panel. This being a newer “Plus” upgraded model, that seems like a natural thing to put in these days.

The Final Points

The FSP CMT520 Plus case is built very well. It doesn’t seem flimsy when the side panels are removed and installing components. You can put a lot of hardware inside here from E-ATX sized motherboards to GPUs longer than 13″. Even then you still have room for water cooling radiators and reservoirs. The price seems a bit steep at $129.99, but thankfully some prices online have been dropped. You can find it on Newegg at the time of writing at $109.99 which is much more palatable. It is on Amazon at $119.99 which is better than MSRP. At these lower prices, the case is much more interesting.


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