Samsung Adds AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Ultrawide Display Modes, and Other Gaming Features to 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TVs

Image: Samsung

If you’re a Samsung fan who’s considering ditching your gaming monitor for a big-screen display, here is a little more motivation for you, as the company has announced that it is implementing a variety of new gaming features for its 2021 Neo QLED and QLED televisions.

These include ultrawide display modes that allow users to enjoy games in the 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios for a more expansive view (Q70A and above), a Game Bar for easy display adjustments and monitoring of input lag, as well as a Game Object Tracking Sound feature that uses “AI technology to project audio around the room corresponding with onscreen action” for more immersive sound.

Samsung’s new 50-inch Q90A and all other QLED models 55 inches and larger are also the first TVs to support AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, which enables tear-free, stutter-free, low-latency HDR gaming. The certification implies “meticulous” color and luminance reproduction, refresh rates of at least 120 Hz at minimum FHD resolution, and low framerate compensation, among other prerequisites.

“Capable of enabling 4K gaming at 120Hz, Samsung QLEDs let you see virtually every detail with 4K for incredible clarity and contrast, at a silky-smooth 120 frames per second,” the company noted in its press release. “With low ms response time, auto low latency mode, variable refresh rate, and other gaming features designed with the next generation consoles in mind, Samsung Neo QLED and QLEDs help unlock and maximize performance.”

“The 2021 Neo QLED and QLED line-up also brings the immersive ultra-wide gaming experience of Samsung gaming monitors to the TV. This gives gamers the option to play PC games at both a 21:9 wide aspect ratio and the ultra-immersive 32:9 ratio on Samsung TVs. The 2021 Neo QLED and QLED models, from Q70A and above, support both the 21:9 and 32:9 screen ratio—ensuring gamers won’t miss any PC gaming action in the periphery.”

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