IKEA x ASUS ROG Gaming Furniture and Accessories Revealed

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Image: IKEA

IKEA announced that it had partnered with ASUS ROG to develop a new lineup of furniture aimed at gamers back in September. momomo_us and iamgotta have shared the first results of that collaboration, which include everything from adjustable-height gaming desks and shelving to ring lights and mouse bungees. There are even cup holders and pillows.

“The new gaming range is developed in IKEA Product Development Centre in China, Shanghai,” IKEA noted in its original announcement. “As a starting point for the product development process, IKEA and ROG designers and engineers had several workshops together with professional gamers and gaming lovers in Shanghai to explore home furnishing needs of gamers and identify the list of functions needed to secure a high quality gaming experience at home.”

”ROG is thrilled to be partnering with IKEA to create the ultimate gaming lifestyle for gamers,” said Kris Huang, General Manager of ASUS’ Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit. “Gamers have always dreamed of the perfect gaming space that is both comfortably functional and enables full immersion in games. With years of experience delivering innovative gaming solutions to gamers, ROG has a strong understanding of the gaming community.”

You can check out some images of IKEA and ASUS ROG’s gaming furniture lineup in the tweet below. We aren’t exactly sure what makes them gaming-grade products, however, as they seem to be severely lacking in RGB. It almost seems as if the companies just painted some IKEA furniture in black, printed some ROG graphics on them, and called it a day.

Update: The complete IKEA x ASUS ROG catalog can be found on IKEA’s Chinese website. As IKEA explains in its press release, these products should be available to buy in other territories beginning October 2021.

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