Sony Managed to Ship 4.5 Million PS5 Units in Its First Quarter

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Images: Sony

Despite launching less than three months ago, Sony has already shipped over 4 million of its next-generation PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles. The exact figure was released today as part of a supplemental report expanding upon the company’s Q3 FY2020 financial results, which revealed that an impressive 4.5 million units had been shipped last quarter. You can check out the complete set of hardware and software unit sales numbers for both PS4 and PS5 in the chart below.

Another chart from a separate, consolidated financial results document confirms that Sony has been selling its PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles at a loss. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with the video game business, as losing money on hardware is a tradition of sorts that’s (hopefully) made up by software sales.

Sony has also shared subscription numbers for PlayStation Plus and monthly active users (MAUs) on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Plus subscribers grew from 45.9 to 47.4 million users over the last quarter, while MAUs on the PlayStation Network grew from 108 to 114 million users over the last quarter.

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