Someone Made a Water-Cooled PlayStation 5

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Image: Sony

A Vietnamese custom PC designer has created the world’s first fully functioning water-cooled PlayStation 5. The engineering feat was shared by YouTube hardware channel Modding Cafe, which published a series of videos detailing how one of its creators, Nhenhophach, deconstructed Sony’s original design and bolstered it with custom parts such as wing-like plates and a water-cooling system. While the initial iteration appears to work well enough, Nhenhophach clarified that he was working on improved versions that would be sold to gamers who are interested in owning a one-of-a-kind PlayStation console.

“This is just the very first version of water cooled PS5, there will be so many more versions,” Nhenhophach said. “We are continuing [to] prepare for [a] commercial version and also ready to integrate the water cooled PS5 into one of our next PC build, don’t miss it.”

“There’s no way to measure precisely the temperature of the APU core of PS5 and memory chips, testing was done in a manner that take lots of time playing. [But] based on water temperature and backplate temperature, we can gauge the performance of this system in some way.”

As Video Games Chronicle pointed out in its coverage, Nhenhophach’s water-cooled PS5 is especially admirable for being smaller than the original system. This is largely due to the omission of the default console’s standard, 120-mm cooling fans, which even head of mechanical and thermal design Yasuhiro Otori has blamed for the PS5’s relatively large stature.

Tsing Mui
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