Crysis Remastered Hotfix Disables Motion Blur, Addresses DLSS Issue

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Image: Crytek

Crytek has released a hotfix for Crysis Remastered after discovering two significant graphical issues introduced by the latest patch, PC Update 2.1. The developer detailed the fixes in a tweet on the official Crysis account this morning, noting that it had turned off Motion Blur as a temporary response to how poor the effect purportedly looks. Crytek’s hotfix also deals with a problem whereby DLSS can’t be enabled even on supported systems.

“As Motion Blur is currently broken, we just released a hotfix that turns off Motion Blur temporarily,” the developer explained. “Additionally, we fixed an issue that caused DLSS to be disabled even on DLSS-capable systems.”

“With DLSS enabled on Crysis Remastered, the game receives up to a 40% performance boost with increased frame rates for those playing with compatible graphics cards,” Crytek claimed in a press release earlier this week regarding the release of PC Update 2.1. “The latest PC update also includes numerous bug fixes and general enhancements.”

“The Crysis franchise is famous for pushing the visual boundaries, so adding DLSS support was a natural fit,” said Vladimir Kajalin, Principal Rendering Engineer for CRYENGINE. ”NVIDIA DLSS is an amazing technology and gives a huge performance boost to Crysis Remastered, allowing players to get even more out of the game and their hardware.”

Crytek hasn’t elaborated on when Crysis Remastered players will be able to enjoy Motion Blur again, but it did promise that updates for the Xbox and PlayStation versions will be coming very soon. The PC version of the game is currently exclusive to the Epic Games Store but will presumably hit Steam by the end of the year.

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