Latest Windows 10 Updates Blamed for Slower Game Performance, BSODs

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest round of Windows 10 updates has an adverse effect on game performance. This is according to increasing reports on r/Windows10 and other social media, which claim that KB5001330, KB5001337, and KB5000842 have introduced various issues such as reduced frame rates, stuttering, Vsync oddities, and even BSODs after being installed. NVIDIA has advised affected users to uninstall the updates to see if there’s any improvement, but changing the power plan to High Performance might also work as a temporary fix.

As the community from the ComputerBase forum has successfully evaluated, changing the energy saving plan to the “High Performance” or “Ultimate Performance” profile can counteract FPS drops in many cases and also makes uninstalling the updates superfluous for the time being. This measure can be considered as a temporary solution until the problem has been fundamentally clarified and finally resolved.

Sources: ComputerBase, NVIDIA, r/Windows10

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