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It appears that Sony will be bolstering its PlayStation Plus service by offering a selection of free movies to subscribers. This is based on images uncovered and screenshotted by VGC, which include a logo for an as-of-yet unannounced “PlayStation Plus Video Pass” service, as well as a banner advertising various hit Sony films (i.e., Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap, Bloodshot). PlayStation Plus Video Pass is presumably the reason why Sony will no longer offer TV and movie content for purchase or rental on the PlayStation Store later this year.

It could be that the platform holder is looking to increase the value of its paid subscription service, in the midst of strong competition from Xbox Game Pass, by rolling some video offerings into PS Plus. Crucially, the three movies featured in’s now-removed website banner – Venom, Bloodshot and Zombieland – are all produced by Sony’s own movie business.

Source: VGC

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  1. I can’t understand Sony.

    They are canceling their Playstation-based video service. It has not been replaced with any specific streaming service or anything else as of yet.

    Then they announce a streaming service, but it’s only for their TV sets?

    Now this, which is through the Playstation again. Maybe this is what they are replacing the purchase/rental system with, and you just get Streaming in with PS Now?

    it’s confusing as f&*k

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