God of War Isn’t Getting a Movie or TV Series Any Time Soon

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Image: Santa Monica Studio

Sony is currently hard at work translating a variety of its popular franchises to film and television via its new studio, PlayStation Productions, but contrary to recent rumors, Santa Monica Studio’s God of War won’t be one of them. This is according to a spokesman with the Japanese gaming giant, who told the New York Times in an article pertaining to Sony’s video game movie ambitions that the popular action-adventure title isn’t getting an adaptation for the silver screen or smaller screen any time soon. PlayStation Studios is developing at least two new films (Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima) and three upcoming television series (The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper), however.

Image: Sony Pictures

Sony games like Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima are also getting the TV and film treatment. (Contrary to speculation, one that is not, at least not anytime soon, according to a Sony spokesman: God of War.)

Source: The New York Times

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