Crytek Could Be Teasing a Crysis 3 Remaster

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Image: Crytek

Crytek has been teasing Crysis fans a lot. There was an April Fool’s joke last year, which progressed to an official announcement for Crysis Remastered. Later, Crytek teased Crysis 2 Remastered by tweeting a quote from Prophet following leaked documents. Now, another quote has been tweeted by Crytek, and this time, it comes from Psycho in Crysis 3. A remastered version of Crysis 3 is likely on the way.

Psycho: CELL skinned me. Skinned us all. You’re the last one. It’s all about that suit now. Here. Take my backup. Dane, three to come out. Keep low. Move. Dane, Bandit. Make the diversion. Prophet, let’s go. Romeo Actual, this is Romeo One. Initiating burnout. Over.

Claire: Copy that, Romeo One.

Sources: Crytek, Howcast

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