DICE Reportedly Working on New Battlefield VI Trailer after Original Leaks Online

Image: DICE

EA and DICE have reportedly been forced back to the drawing board after a low-quality version of its premiere trailer for the sixth installment of its popular FPS series, Battlefield, leaked online earlier this week. The trailer, which should be avoided by anyone affected by epilepsy, echoes much of the leaks and visuals shared by popular Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson over the last few weeks (e.g., island map, flying Ospreys, and dynamic weather). A report from Eurogamer suggests that the footage isn’t from the trailer at all and is actually a video meant for internal use, but Henderson insists that EA is just attempting damage control.

Eurogamer understands this video was made by EA for internal use only, and was not intended to be seen by the public. It is not the reveal trailer EA plans to publish in the coming weeks. The video contains a black rectangle in the middle of the screen – this is to obscure an identifying watermark put in place by EA to help track down its owner in the event of a leak. Someone’s also slapped a troll face on it.

Sources: Eurogamer, VGC

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