AMD to Launch Radeon Pro W6800, a Navi 21 Graphics Card with 32 GB Memory

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Image: AMD

AMD is preparing to launch a new Radeon graphics card for workstations called the Radeon Pro W6800, which will serve as the first Navi 21-based product to feature 32 GB of memory. Its existence has been confirmed not only by a short teaser shared by red team yesterday, but also benchmarks on Geekbench that reveal the GPU’s OpenCL performance. The Geekbench listing also suggests that the Radeon Pro W6800 will feature a maximum core clock of 2,554 MHz. AMD’s Radeon Pro W6800 will be announced next Tuesday on June 8.

[…] this SKU would feature 30 Compute Units (for AMD RDNA2 GFX1030 architecture this means 60 Compute Units), which means it will have 3840 Stream Processors, just as many as Radeon RX 6800 for gaming. A major change comes to the memory configuration though. AMD has added 32GB of memory to the graphics card, which is twice as much as Radeon RX 6800/6900 series.

Sources: AMD, Geekbench, VideoCardz

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