Sony Registers New Trademark for PlayStation Experience (PSX) Event

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Image: Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment skipped the E3 festivities this year, but the gaming giant may be reviving one of its past annual events to showcase its next generation of PlayStation games and hardware. This is according to a filing spotted on the official USPTO site, which confirms that Sony has registered a new trademark for PlayStation Experience (PSX). The timing of the filing adds credibility to a recent rumor that claimed Sony was prepping a big event for the end of June involving Guerrilla Games, Capcom, EA, and other big studios. The launch date of Horizon Forbidden West (November 30, 2021), a new remake project from Square Enix and Bluepoint Games, and the PlayStation VR 2 will also supposedly be unveiled during this event.

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Sources: USPTO, r/GamingLeaksAndRumors

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