Ghost of Tsushima Box Art Drops “Only on PlayStation” Branding, Fueling Rumors of a PC Port

Image: Sucker Punch

The box art for Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 samurai adventure, Ghost of Tsushima, has received an updated design that includes various changes such as the addition of a PlayStation Studios logo and banner advertising the game’s co-op multiplayer mode, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (introduced as part of the version 1.1 update released in October 2020). What’s really interesting is that Ghost of Tsushima’s box art no longer features the “Only on PlayStation” branding, which suggests that it might no longer be a PlayStation exclusive and that a PC port could be on the way. Games leaker CrazyLeaksOnATrain claimed in March that Sony would be releasing PC ports of Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

[…] this doesn’t [necessarily] mean the title will be available on other platforms, as Sony recently dropped the “Only on PlayStation” marking with recent PlayStation exclusives, such as Spider-Man Miles Morales. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if down the road that Ghost of Tsushima did in fact release on PC. Sony has been rather opened about bringing more PlayStation exclusives over to PC, with Days Gone being the most recent.

Sources: MP1st, Amazon, r/pcgaming

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