Team Fortress 2 Sets New Concurrent Player Record on Steam 14 Years After Release

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Despite being released nearly 14 years ago on October 10, 2007, Team Fortress 2 still maintains a very healthy and dedicated player base. This is evident based on SteamDB’s latest stats, which show that Valve’s free-to-play multiplayer FPS managed to set a new record of 151,253 concurrent players on Steam yesterday night—a substantial increase over the previous high of 147, 360 concurrent players in December. Team Fortress 2’s recent popularity can likely be attributed to the new Summer 2021 Cosmetic Case update that added 18 new community-contributed items and 6 new community-created unusual effects to the game, among numerous security and stability improvements.

Of course, if you know anything about Team Fortress 2, you might already be pointing out how most of these are bots. Valve and TF’s player base have long fought off bots and tried to play the game despite them all. However, over on the official TF2 subreddit, many pointed out that only a few thousand of these players were most likely bots. That’s due to recent updates from Valve that have looked to cut down on the bot population.

Sources: SteamDB, Kotaku

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