Last-Gen Consoles Reportedly Face Stock Issues at Various Retailers

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Image: Sony/Microsoft

Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles have been hard to find, as neither companies have been able to produce enough to meet demand. That has led to increased sales of previous-gen consoles, which has reportedly resulted in shortages and higher prices. One seller on Amazon has a new PS4 Slim 1 TB for over $150 its MSRP price. It is also reportedly becoming difficult to find a new Xbox One that isn’t refurbished or pre-owned. It appears the greatest shortages are happening in North America.

This console shortage news began as controller shortage news. A source close to retail chain GameStop contacted Kotaku to warn us of a shortage of new DualShock 4 controllers, the gamepad that ships with the PlayStation 4 console. Stores in our source’s district have been lucky to receive maybe two new DualShock 4 controllers in a given month as of late.

Sources: Kotaku, TechPowerUp

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