Revised Version of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Shipping This Month

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Image: Sony

Sony will begin shipping a revised version of the cheaper, drive-less version of its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, by the end of this month. According to early listings on Japanese storefronts, the new model carries the CFI-1100B01 designation and weighs 300 grams lighter than the original launch model. Sony’s new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition revision will also include a thumb screw for the base. It isn’t clear what Sony did to get the weight of the console down.

The new model, the CFI-1100B01 series, which is now being listed on multiple Japanese websites, will be around 300g lighter than the launch model and it will come with a thumb screw for the base. It’s not yet clear what has been changed to make the console lighter, but it’s likely some changes have been made to the fan and heatsink, which are quite big in the original model.

Source: Renka_schedule (via Wccftech)

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