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EA and DICE have officially lifted the veil on Battlefield 2042’s third and previously redacted game mode, “Battlefield Portal.” Introduced during today’s EA Play Live show, Battlefield 2042’s new Battlefield Portal mode is described as a community-driven platform that will allow players to create highly customizable game types by adjusting all sorts of settings, such as the number of players for each team, the types of weapons that are available, and the abilities that each soldier has access to. Battlefield Portal even allows players to mix factions from different Battlefield eras (e.g., pitting 1942-era teams against enemies with modern weapons and tech) and will feature maps from three of the most popular Battlefield games: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. Additionally, a Logic Editor will be available through Battlefield Portal for an even higher level of control for defining rules, victory conditions, and consequences of specific in-game events.

Classic Maps

  • Battle Of The Bulge (Battlefield 1942)
  • El Alamein (Battlefield 1942)
  • Arica Harbor (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • Valparaiso  (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • Caspian Border (Battlefield 3)
  • Noshahr Canals (Battlefield 3)
Image: DICE

Alongside the creative suite, Battlefield Portal will also launch with reimagined content from 3 of Battlefield’s most popular entries. This content includes more than just the maps themselves but also brings over weapons, gadgets, vehicles, factions, and classes from each respective game — all reimagined at the visual standards of Battlefield 2042. Long-time Battlefield fans will once again be able to take up their M1 in a fully reimagined Battle of the Bulge or shoot across the sky in a F/A-18 Hornet at the Caspian Border.

Source: Battlefield 2042

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  1. All these players all in one session on a breached server hack to the Frostbite engine?

    What possibly could go wrong?! /s

  2. I’m literally done with battlefield, I Gave it its three shots, there won’t be a fourth.

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