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Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Sniper Elite 4 have both received surprise updates that allow them to be enjoyed at a higher level of fidelity on next-gen consoles. As noted in a press release shared by Rebellion, Sniper Elite 4 can now be played in 4K/60 FPS on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles thanks to a new update that also offers greatly improved loading times. And while Eidos-Montréal and Crystal Dynamics didn’t bother alerting anyone about its latest work on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, patch notes for the latest 2.01 update confirm “support for 4K at high frame-rate on PlayStation 5 in high resolution mode.” Shadow of the Tomb Raider also now carries the “Optimized for Xbox Series X|S” badge, which suggests that enabling FPS Boost will no longer be required for higher performance on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

Sniping has never looked better. The increased frame rate ensures super smooth gameplay enabling you to pull off even better shots. You can then view the results in the series defining kill cam in glorious detail, up to 4K, with enhanced contrast sharpening.

Sources: Sniper Elite (via The Sixth Axis, Pure Xbox)

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  1. Now that they’ve given some love to the consoles it sure would be nice if they did the same for PC by updating it to DLSS 2.0.

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