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EA and DICE’s latest installment of Battlefield won’t have a proper campaign mode to better engross players in its underlying narrative, but the companies have attempted to address that void somewhat with a new short film dubbed Exodus.

Released today on YouTube, the Battlefield 2042 short is a live-action production that sees the return of a character that should be familiar to most Battlefield 4 fans: Captain Kimble “Irish” Graves, one of the members of Tombstone Squad who is now the commander of a ship called the Exodus.

Graves’ appearance in the Battlefield 2042 short is interesting in that it effectively confirms what DICE’s canon choice is at the end of Battlefield 4. Near the end of the campaign, protagonist Daniel “Reck” Recker is forced with having to choose between sacrificing either Chinese Secret Service agent Huang “Hannah” Shuyi or Graves when planted charges fail to detonate on an enemy warship.

Battlefield 2042’s Exodus short clearly indicates that Recker decided to send Hannah to her death instead of Graves.

Having played the character in Battlefield 4 nearly a decade ago, Michael K. Williams appropriately returns as Kimble Graves in the Exodus short. Williams is best known for his role as Baltimore stick-up man Omar Little in HBO’s critically acclaimed series The Wire.

Graves will also be returning as a playable Specialist in Battlefield 2042. As noted in a new Battlefield Briefing posted on Steam, Graves is an Engineer with the Fortification System specialty, which grants him access to the DCS Deployable Cover and APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel. Those who pre-order Battlefield 2042 will have access to a special “Battle Hardened” legendary skin for Graves.

Image: EA/DICE

Battlefield 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves returns – no longer a Marine, but the commander of the No-Pat vessel Exodus, forced to choose between the lives of the 200 refugees on his boat and the future of all the Non-Patriated. Witness the events that will trigger an all-out war in this standalone short film set in the World of 2042.

Source: Steam

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